WATCH: Biden imitates small child stuttering – Washington Examiner

WATCH: Biden imitates small child stuttering – Washington Examiner

Presidential candidate Joe Biden imitated a child stuttering while he was talking about the people whom he meets while campaigning during Thursday night’s presidential debate.

Towards the end of the presidential debate, each candidate was asked to name someone whom they should ask forgiveness for and a gift they would want to give to someone. Biden referenced the ordinary citizens whom he meets on the campaign trail after Sen. Elizabeth Warren did it during her answer to the same question.

“My wife and I have a call list of somewhere between 20 and 100 people that we call at least every week or every month to tell them, I’m here, I give them my private phone number, they keep in touch with me, the little kid who says I-I-I-I-I-I-I can’t talk, what do I do? I have scores of these young women and men who I keep in contact with. And the reason I would give everyone here a gift is because they want to do something like I do, making their lives better because there’s a lot of people who are hurting very, very, very badly.”

On the campaign trail, Biden often refers to his childhood stuttering, and some have speculated he still suffers from the affliction.

“I used to stutter badly when I was a kid. So, I learned to fight. Not a joke,” Biden said during a campaign stop in Decorah, Iowa. “When you’re made fun of for something you can’t control, you realize everybody has something about them they can’t fully control … their height, the color of their skin.”

The former vice president recently explained his childhood stutter was not the source of his much-publicized verbal stumbles on the campaign trail.

“I don’t think of myself as continuing to stutter,” Biden said. “But apparently, people will say occasionally say [in fact when] I’m tired, I’ll go, I’ll say, um, uh, and I’ll find myself searching for a second.”


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