Carroll misses facing, beating ex-49ers coach Harbaugh –

Carroll misses facing, beating ex-49ers coach Harbaugh –

It was looking like the 49ers were going to be close to full strength Monday against the Seahawks, but suddenly that’s in doubt.

Tight end George Kittle’s status for Monday’s home game against Seattle is up in the air, and cornerback Ahkello Witherspoon reportedly hasn’t healed as quickly as hoped.

Witherspoon didn’t practice Thursday, and told KNBR’s Jake Hutchinson that he has no timetable for a return at the moment.

“It feels like day-to-day, honestly, I feel like I’m just so far into the process that a week is too big,” Witherspoon said. “It could be three days, it could be seven days, could be 10 days, I guess it’s just really however my body feels. A timetable is out of the picture right now.”

Witherspoon sprained his foot in Week 3 and has been out ever since, but he reportedly revealed to KNBR that he also currently is dealing with a strained quad. While he didn’t say which quad was injured, he reportedly was wearing a full leg sleeve on his right leg, the same one that has the foot sprain.

“I’m not healthy enough to play football right now,” Witherspoon bluntly put it, “that’s really it.”

On Monday, 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan expressed optimism that Witherspoon would be able to play against the Seahawks, but he wasn’t as certain following Thursday’s practice.

“Not really,” Shanahan said at his Thursday press conference. “I would have been two weeks ago, but he had that setback, 10 days ago or something like that, so we knew it was going to come down to this.” 

Witherspoon, however, views it as more of a delay than a setback.

“Not really, not a setback, it’s just part of the process that’s coming back to being 100 percent healthy,” Witherspoon explained. “I think you have progress and then it slows down. Progress slows down. Just good days, bad days, but a setback in terms of whatever like timetable would make sense, yes, but not actually physically to where anything I’m worried. It’s just going through the process.”

Once Witherspoon is healthy enough to return to game action, though, he believes it won’t take him long to get up to speed.

“The conditioning, all the wind has been fine because I’m still able to move, but just not at full capacity right now,” Witherspoon said. “So when that time comes when I’m fully healthy. I think it’ll be a seamless transition though because I’ve been doing so much conditioning.”

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For what it’s worth, Shanahan thinks Witherspoon is on the cusp of returning.

“He was able to do a little bit, just rehabbing this weekend,” Shanahan added. “I think he’ll get out there tomorrow.”


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